so, how about that celiac?   
02:50pm 16/07/2010
mood: content
yesterday, i was told i have celiac disease. yay for a diagnosis, i guess. at least now i'll start feeling like a real person (hopefully) soon. it's caused by genetics, exposure to gluten, and a leaky gut. leaky gut can be caused by a whole host of things, but in my case it was the excessive amount of antibiotics (and subsequent candida intestinal infection) that i was given as a kid. note to self: don't over-prescribe antimicrobials to patients. in any case, what it means is that i can't have anything with gluten in it. so breads, pastas, anything with wheat. and then there's a whole host of ingredients that contain wheat and no one really knows about it. who knew caramel coloring, miso, mustard powder, brown rice syrup, and bouillon have gluten in them? not i.

so yesterday i threw myself a food pity party, and i ate like a pig. i had things that i knew i'd miss. including cake, cookies, the best blue moon ever, and a chocolate malt. it was amazing. and i felt like i was gonna die or fall asleep where i stood by the end of it. this morning, i woke up with visions of muffins and coffeecake in my head. then i decided to figure out what i COULD eat, rather than what i couldn't (thanks trevor, for the inspiration). i also started looking for substitutions for things. apparently, starbucks is amazing and sent me a complete list of all their drink ingredients, and they have a remarkable amount of gluten-free stuff. sadly, frappy dappies are gone forever, but that's ok. and who knew panera was so celiac-friendly?

so today marks day one of my new food lifestyle. it's a bit trying, but i'm finding ways around it. it'll tick me off more than once, i'm sure, but it won't kill me. "it's not cancer! that's the good news about gluten intolerance!"- my doctor is a comic, apparently.

if anyone has any interesting ways of getting around gluten, i'd love to hear ideas. also, if you/a loved one have (has) a bunch of random, seemingly unconnected symptoms (mine were pcos, fatigue, pms, acne, bloating, fainting, salt cravings, low bp, etc) you should really talk to your doctor about the possibility of celiac. sadly, lots of people with celiac are diagnosed with things like chronic fatigue syndrome and treated incorrectly.
new year's eve plans   
11:52pm 10/12/2009
  so i'm wanting to do something fun for nye, but honestly i don't want a big crowd or party. anyone have any ideas for a small, low-key nye with family and maybe a few friends? i'm at a loss for ideas :(

and yea, i should be studying, so obviously i'm planning my new year's instead :)
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02:02am 18/06/2009
mood: defeated
 wed night-thursday at 2pm: studying physio
thursday 4pm-7pm: physio final
thursday 9pm-friday 9am: sleep!
friday 2pm: airport to pick up my mom's friend
friday 6pm-8pm: studying for practical
saturday 9am-noon: studying for neuro
saturday 1pm-3pm: practical final
saturday 6pm-sunday 3am: WIANKI!!!
sunday afternoon: committee meeting
sunday night-monday: studying neuro
monday afternoon: neuro final
monday night-thursday noon: studying cell bio
thursday afternoon: cell bio final
friday-saturday: haircut, packing, doctor's appointment
sunday: finish packing, get to the airport by 9am!!!
sunday 3pm chicago time: I'M HOME!!!

now, all i need to do is actually, you know, survive all this :-/
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11:05pm 22/04/2009
  lisa told me i was twittering incorrectly.   i have corrected my errors in recent days. 

kitty77 if you wanna follow :)
bc i am le bored   
03:22pm 21/02/2009
mood: le bored
 Taken from Jacques...

Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.

Leave your word in a comment before looking at what words others have used.

Then copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people will describe you when limited to one word.
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01:26am 24/01/2009  
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Birthday Wishes!   
05:20pm 21/01/2009
mood: calm
Happy Birthday to my wonderful big sister, Laur-head, and to my first Polish friend Eliza :-D  I love you both and I miss you so much!!!  I hope your days are wonderful! 
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i have a new niece!!!   
10:46am 22/11/2008
mood: excited!
Veronica Mary
Born November 22, 2008

I can't wait to meet her!!!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
prop 8   
10:39pm 11/11/2008 

i saw this on mit-a-la-matt's away message.  watch it.  no matter what you think about prop 8 and it's (in my opinion horrendous and inhumane) results.  this man is much more well-spoken than i could ever hope to be, and he expresses every feeling i have, so listen to him.  he's incredible.
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today was a good day :)   
03:44pm 24/10/2008
mood: chipper
like, really good.

anatomy is finally interesting and easy to understand and grasp. i'm an active participant in class, not just one of the students staring at the profs like they were speaking in tongues.

all of my pants are too big, except the pair i bought that was too small to begin with. i now fit in them.

grocery shopping is really really fun.

i feel healthier, i'm so excited by most of my classes, my classmates make me smile, i climbed a freaking mountain!

i've learned to cook. well. and healthily.

i'm very smilie :-D

and now it's nap time!
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more things i have learned   
01:22pm 28/09/2008
  understanding the trigeminal nerve is apparently as easy as understanding how to successfully cross an elephant with a giraffe

gee-raff-ee is the accepted pronunciation of giraffe
vay-gee-na is the accepted pronunciation of vagina
ee-so-fay-gus is the accepted pronunciation of esophagus

by the end of 2 hour anatomy lectures, even the prof is tired and confused. "there are vessels. and then some more vessels. yea."

veins are not blue.
arteries are not red.
nerves are freaking ginormous or teeny tiny.

full cadavers aren't as smelly as the heads that are in buckets of formalene.

tears do NOT flow into the vaginal fornix, but into the nasal fornix

having a male gynecologist as an anatomy teacher is pretty hysterical
things i have learned thus far in medical school   
02:38pm 17/09/2008
  "is it true that the pharyngotympanic tube opens during orgasm?"
"i don't remember..."

"some animals only have mast cells. for instance, turtles. ::sees confused faces bc of thick accent on "turtles":: you know, like ninja."

the human body is made up of WAAAAAAY too many pieces, all of which have names.

being able to have your teacher write you a prescription and then administer the shot (hep b vaccine) is kind of amazing

playing with brains is FUN, but smelly.

having a histerical conversation at dinner about phagocytosing and pinocytosing our food is amazing :)

more will be added as i learn :)
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i live!   
03:32pm 08/09/2008
  i'm alive! life is good, i have a fantabulous apartment (complete with amazing landlady upstairs and a giant dog that has claimed me as his own), and school is eating my soul. also, i only have internet for up to 4 hours at a time downtown (if i can get onto the network) or at the student union building. as such, i will only be online every few days or so. emails are greatly appreciated and will be replied to. a mass email will go out as soon as i have internet access on my own computer :) love you all dearly!  
12:47pm 24/08/2008
mood: freaking out
so...i leave tonight.


am i even packed completely? thanks to mike and steph, almost, but not quite.


still haven't cried. teared up (thanks lydia), but not cried. i WILL NOT cry.

see you all in 3 months!!!
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07:14pm 06/08/2008
mood: nervous
so for those of you that don't know, i got into medical school :) i'll be leaving aug 24. for Poland. Krakow, to be exact. i'll be back for summers and at least this winter break (2 weeks: dec 16 to jan 3).


let the insanity ensue.

ps: any help in packing/not freaking out would be MOST helpful.
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01:59pm 12/02/2008
mood: chipper
so last night i got my pledge pin for SAI. yes, laur-head, that would be your SAI :-D just different chapter. delta lambda (i THINK) :-D
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as promised   
05:19pm 02/02/2008
mood: amused
I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about
each other. Short and sweet is fine. Be honest! Copy from here and then
paste and respond in the comments. Then, repost the empty questions!"

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12:43pm 24/10/2007
  any ideas on what i should be this year? not too much work, mind you, bc i'm poor and have no time. so quick, easy, but fun ideas are best :)

amongst our assets:
short black skirt
short jean skirt
tall boots in black and brown
makeup of all sorts
long skirts in blue, pink, black
long black coat (mid-calf length)
random dresses from formals past
white dress from graduation (but i have NO clue if it still fits :( )
witch hats
fake blood, not really.

so, any ideas? i'm ok with buying/borrowing a few things, so don't limit yourself too much :)
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11:53pm 10/10/2007
mood: exhausted
if you see me doing nothing at any point tomorrow, yell at me to do something. i have WAY more work to do than time to do it in. oh, and i just remembered i have YET ANOTHER midterm next week. that's 3 in 2 days. plus this week's 4 in 3 days.

senior year was supposed to be easy.
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11:11pm 01/10/2007
mood: emo
If there is someone that you miss dearly, for any reason, post this exact sentence in your journal.